OSA-1000 Ozone Monitor
Monitors ozone levels in cold storage controlled and regular
atmosphere rooms
Key Applications

The Ozone International Ozone Monitor is a cost effective ozone gas analyzer that allows the user to control, monitor, and data log information critical for gaseous ozone treatment with agricultural commodities. At recommended concentration levels, ozone has proven to be extremely effective in repressing post harvest mold growth and improving product quality.

Key Facts
  • Specially designed for Ozone International ozone generators
  • Offers greater stored product flexibility
  • Electro-chemical cell technology provides more stable and reliable control
  • Micro-controller on Ozone International generator displays ozone levels and allows multiple settings
  • Designed for industrial environments
Cold Storage Room

Spec 4000-MA
Sensor Electro-chemical
Detection Level 10 ppb minimum sensitivity
Max Overload 5 ppm
Long Term Drift < 4%/month
Response Time < 180 sec for 90% change
Sensor Life 1+ years; depending on environmental conditions
Power Supply 24 VDC
Control Output 4-20 mA
Air Flow 1-2 liters/min adjustable
Inlet Filter Ozone International in-line filter as required