OG-4000 Generator Series
Performance in a completely integrated package
Key Applications
  • Disinfection of fresh produce
  • Post-harvest cold storage of perishables

Ozone International OG-4000 Series generators provide customers with a compact yet powerful purification solution, with completely integrated packages for purifying air or process water. The generators are entirely self-contained, and include air preparation, oxygen concentration, ozone generation, distribution, and closed-loop PLC-based control and communication. All of these features are contained in a compact 24” x 24” x 11” cabinet that can be wall or skid mounted.

Key Facts
Integrated system in small package
  • Wall or skid mounted
  • Integrated air preparation
  • Integrated PLC-based closed-loop control
Flexible communication
  • Ethernet communication
  • Remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, alarming, and reporting with Intellipur
  • Integration into plant-wide SCADA
Plug-and-play installation
  • Plug into standard outlet
  • Air-cooled eliminates plumbing
  • Ozone output can be distributed to up to 16 rooms with the addition of MRCB technology
Efficient Ozone Production

OG-4000 Series generators produce efficient ozone output with high concentrations of ozone for maximum efficacy. Consistency and efficiency is obtained by integrating a complete air preparation subsystem that dries ambient air to -100ºF dew point and produces feed gas that includes 93 percent oxygen for more consistent and efficient ozone output. In addition, the corona discharge, air-cooled, ceramic flat plate ozone cell includes a precisely machined gap for consistent production, as well as sophisticated electronics for efficient power utilization, safe and quiet operation, and precise control. Additions to an individual 4000 series system can include: a slave generator, to increase total ozone output, or Ozone International Multi-Room Control Box (MRCB) technology, to simultaneously control and distribute ozone in up to 16 rooms.

Powerful and Flexible Control

The OG-4000 Series generators come integrated with a programmable logic controller (PLC) that safely controls the entire system and gives operators flexibility in operation as well as communication. The control software includes 1% to 100% linear turndown for targeted manual ozone distribution, as well as the ability to set specific PID values for automated, closed-loop control response. The integrated PLC contains an Ethernet interface to communicate back to the Ozone International Intellipur™ Command Center for remote diagnostics and control, and the PLC can easily be integrated into a larger, plant-wide SCADA system.

Reliability and Simple Installation

Ozone International OG-4000 Series generators are simple to get up and running quickly. The generators are small, so they’re easy to mount on a wall or a skid, and they plug into a standard outlet. They are air-cooled, eliminating the plumbing and maintenance issues that come with water-cooled solutions. An air-preparation subsystem is included in the generator with an oxygen concentrator and a compressor, so no extra plumbing is necessary to connect the generator to an external compressor or house air.

PROPERTY 4000-MA 4000-EA 4000-IA OG4X00 OG4X50
Cabinet Type Air/Water Air/Water Air/Water Air Water
O3 Output 1 lbs/day @ 8.5% (20 g/hr), 2.0 lbs/day @ 6.0% (38 g/hr), 3 lbs/day @ 3.7% (56 g/hr)
O3 Generator Technology Air-cooled, corona discharge, ceramic dielectric flat cell
Air Preparation Package External O2 concentrator and compressor Internal
Air Preparation Spec 93% oxygen output @ 7.5LPM (16 CSFH) @ 10psig and -100ºF dew point
Control System Manual flow, pressure or External PLC Closed-loop PLC-based control and manual 1%–100% linear turndown
HMI LED visual O3 indicator 4.3” diagonal color touch screen HMI Intellipur Site Monitoring Workstation 4.3” diagonal color touch screen HMI
Communication None Wireless 802.11 to local Intellipur Workstation Ethernet from PLC
Dimensions 24” x 24” x 11” (61cm x 61cm x 28cm)
Weight 70 lbs (32 Kg) 75 lbs (34 Kg) 120 lbs (54 kg)
Operating Temperature 32ºF – 77ºF (OºC–25ºC)
Cabinet Aluminum, NEMA12
Power Requirements 120 or 220 VAC single phase, 50–60 Hz
Power Consumption 500 Wh 1kWh
Ozone Generation - Air Purification

Ozone Generation - Water Purification