Multi-Room Control Box
Exacting ozone distribution and control for multiple rooms
Key Applications

The Ozone International Multi-Room Control Box (MRCB) technology seamlessly integrates with Ozone International Cold Storage and Intellipur® software analytics to enable a single OG-4000 series generator to precisely control and distribute ozone in up to 16 rooms. Each MRCB is capable of monitoring and delivering ozone to four or eight rooms; two MRCBs can be configured with a single OG-4000 series generator. Extending the Ozone International Cold Storage solution with the MRCB technology provides a cost-effective approach to distributing ozone to more locations without having to invest in multiple generators.

Key Facts
  • Integrates with Ozone International Cold Storage 4000 series ozone generators and sensors
  • Can be configured to accurately distribute ozone to up to 16 rooms per 4000 series generator
  • A single MRCB supports 4-room or 8-room designs
  • Centralized ozone sampling saves money; no need for sensor in each room
  • Specially designed, ozone resistant valves
  • Intelligent and safe control logic with included PLC
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • World-class service and support
Precise, Cost Effective, and Safe

Each MRCB is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that accurately controls and distributes low doses of ozone to up to eight rooms by precisely controlling specially designed ozone resistant valves. The PLC also communicates directly with the main generator to execute 15 unique safety alarms to keep both workers and produce safe. The MRCB is extremely cost effective for multiple small rooms as each MRCB centrally samples ozone to a single Ozone International OSA (ozone sensor) rather than requiring a separate sensor to be installed in each room.

Spec 4000-MA
Cabinet Type 4 zone OR 8 zone
Dimensions 24” x 24” x 11” (61cm x 61cm x 28cm)
Weight 55 lbs (24 kg)
Operating Temperature 32°F – 90°F (0°C – 32°C)
Cabinet Aluminum, NEMA12
Communication Wired Ethernet to OG-4900 or OG-4000IA
Power Requirements 120 or 220 VACVAC single phase, 50–60 Hz
Power Consumption 150 Wh
Sample Configuration