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AWB Honors Top Washington Manufacturers
Manufacturing Excellence Awards Recognize Innovation, Operational Excellence

The 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Awards are sponsored by UPS and the AWB Institute, AWB's nonprofit arm dedicated to manufacturing and workforce development.

“A strong manufacturing sector is the foundation of a strong economy,” said Kris Johnson, AWB president. “These employers are doing their part to innovate, to make sustainability a priority and to find better ways to do business. We are pleased to honor them as examples of what Washington state's manufacturers can accomplish,” Johnson said. “Their hard work and creative thinking is helping make Washington a better place for all of us.”

ozone international manufacturing department awarded 2014 awb operational excellence award

Operational Excellence Award  This award is given based on a manufacturing process that is distinctive, including continuous improvement, environmental solutions/innovations, lean and Six Sigma, R&D leadership and/or application of high technology.

Ozone International makes ozone generation systems for more than 500 global customers in the food and beverage industry. Founded in 2003, Ozone has reshaped its production methods over the past two years by customizing lean techniques to meet their needs. They improved efficiency by 25 percent and capacity by 80 percent through collecting, understanding and then standardizing worker knowledge and workplace design. This cut production for each unit from 27 days down to nine. The company also cut overtime costs by spreading out work from their busiest seasons to slower times at the beginning and end of the year. Their 5S Lean process—sort & discard, straighten up, shine and clean, standardize routine and sustain order—not only reduced downtown and cut costs, but also improved safety. Their governing philosophy: "Make it easier to do things right than to do things wrong, and people will do it right."

About the Association of Washington Business  Formed in 1904, the Association of Washington Business is Washington's oldest and largest statewide business association, and includes more than 8,100 members representing 700,000 employees. AWB serves as both the state's chamber of commerce and the manufacturing and technology association. While its membership includes major employers like Boeing, Microsoft and Weyerhaeuser, 90 percent of AWB members employ fewer than 100 people. More than half of AWB's members employ fewer than 10. For more about AWB, visit