Reduce decay, extend storage life and extend shelf life

Food safety concerns, controlling decay and the value of extending product shelf and storage life without the dependency of chemicals has increased the demand for safe, proven alternatives such as ozone. With Ozone International’s cold storage solutions for potatoes, packers and processors are able to extend product life and marketability, decrease decay losses and enhance food safety practices naturally.

Key Facts
Reduce decay
  • Kill surface and airborne microorganisms
  • Control soft rot and late blight
  • USDA and FDA approved
  • Certified organic
Additional Benefits
  • Increase storage and shelf life
  • Ideal for organic
  • Web-based monitoring and reporting
  • Reliable, safe, and easy to maintain equipment
  • World-class service and support
Science Based Solutions

Ozone International’s science-based ozone cold storage solution provides a safe and proven alternative for potato packers and processors for both packed and bulk storage. Ozone International’s cold storage solution effectively distributes gaseous ozone in the air to kill airborne and surface microorganisms. The solution naturally shuts down the sporulation process and eliminates sprouting due to ethylene effects.

Optimum Safety and Efficacy

Ozone International’s unique closed-loop concentration control and remote monitoring capabilities provide optimum safety and efficacy. Its measurement sensors and on-board computer maintains ozone concentrations to within +/- 10 ppb of a desired set point. The solution includes fail-safe ambient air sensors, which constantly ensure work areas maintain ozone concentrations well within OSHA standards. Its remote monitoring service constantly tracks system performance and provides detailed reports and automated alerts.

Spore Load Reduced by 97% to 99%

Compare the Value
Mold Control Resistant mold strains could build-up All types of mold; mold is oxidized and cannot become resistant to ozone
Ethylene Control No Converts ethylene to water and carbon dioxide (process is outside the fruit)
Residue on Fruit Yes No
Taste No Impact Natural flavors maintained
Dosage / Application Typically a drench application Ozone is applied continuously thus controlling mold, odor and ethylene constantly
Regulatory Compliance Discharge must be hauled away No EPA record keeping required. Requires fire code compliance
Example System