Next generation process control with automated food safety and cold chain reporting
Key Applications
  • Post-harvest cold storage of perishables
  • Transportation of fresh produce

Ozone International becomes a true partner in operational process control and monitoring by providing Intellipur® subscription informatics services. Informatics is the science of information and Ozone International provides a next generation service that includes strict operational control, web-based data historian, diagnostic monitoring, reporting, and automated alarming. Intellipur reporting provides documented evidence of control for food safety auditors as well as cold chain environment reports for storage and transportation. Intellipur supports multiple Ozone International applications including container transportation and cold storage.

Key Facts
  • Web-based monitoring and reporting, available from anywhere
  • On-demand and scheduled food safety and cold chain reporting
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting by Ozone International support team
  • Automated near real-time alarming
  • Web-based solution for management visibility and reporting and local software for local supervisory control
Automated Food Safety And Cold Chain Reporting

Intellipur reporting meets requirements for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and HACCP safety steps by automatically providing documented evidence of food safety process control. You can easily provide detailed reports of sanitization steps and eliminate error-prone manual recording of data and constant re-training. Effective cold chain management is essential in food quality and safety. Documented evidence of your cold chain environment can provide proof of proper storage and transportation control for customers as well as evidence in liability claims.

Remote Diagnostic Monitoring And Control

Intellipur securely collects operational data from all subscribing customers that allows efficient and effective monitoring. Intellipur includes software for local monitoring and control that automatically records all sensor values, equipment state, control points as well as event, alarm and audit logs. The Ozone International support team can remotely troubleshoot and diagnose operational control issues resulting in increased uptime and avoidance of expensive travel and on-site visits.

Automated Operational Control Alarming

Ozone International solutions provide inherent closed-loop operational control. Local PLC-based control systems automatically provide for safety by shutting down the ozone generator if necessary. Intellipur alarming will immediately notify appropriate parties via cell phone and/or e-mail alerts of operational concerns. Alarm notifications escalate to pre-defined distribution lists until acknowledged or removed.

Greater Value Than Legacy HMI and/or PLC-Based Ozone Systems

Intellipur is the only solution that controls and traces a broad range of environmentals affecting commodity loss, quality, maturity, and safety throughout a lot’s lifecycle. Intellipur gives growers, processors, packers, and shippers a competitive edge by providing them with the informatics and control needed to continuously improve commodity characteristics over time; provide proof of food quality and safety to customers; accurately forecast commodity quality and revenues; and demonstrate compliance with food safety regulatory and certification frameworks.

Spec Basic Service Premium Service Details
Remote Diagnostic Troubleshooting X X
  • Sensor values
  • Equipment state
  • Control mode / set points
  • Event, audit, and alarm logging
Local Supervisory Control X X
  • Local PC software for monitoring and control of devices
Local Standard Reporting X X
  • Real-time and historical trend charts
  • Container trip report
  • Log detail reports
Web-based Supervisory Portal   X
  • Web-based monitoring portal
  • Overview and detail status and reporting
  • On-demand and scheduled report interface
  • On-line log detail and reporting
Automated Alarming   X Automatic cell phone and email alarms for:
  • Above/below set point
  • Generator failure
  • Pump shutdown
  • Sensor failure
  • Communication failure